What Are Back Taxes in Canada and How to Get Help

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Back taxes in Canada – we’ve all heard of them, but what are they really? And how can we get back taxes help near me?

What are back taxes in Canada?

Simply put, back taxes in Canada are unpaid taxes that you may owe to the Canadian government. This can include income taxes, GST/HST, and even property taxes.

How do I know if I owe back taxes in Canada?

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is pretty good at sending out notices when you owe them money. If you’ve received a notice from the CRA, that’s a good indication that you owe back taxes.

If you haven’t received a notice and you’re not sure whether you owe taxes, you can call the CRA directly and ask. This can assist you with avoiding any surprises come tax time – if you owe taxes, you can make arrangements to pay the CRA either by installment or in full before tax season.

What if I don’t have the money to pay my back taxes?

This is where things can get tricky. If you can’t pay up your back taxes in full, the CRA may be willing to work out a payment plan with you. However, if you don’t make your payments on time, the CRA can take some pretty drastic measures, including garnishing your wages or putting a lien on your property.

That’s why it’s always best to get back taxes help near me sooner rather than later. There are a number of organizations that can help you with your back taxes in Canada, including the National Taxpayers Federation and Taxpayer Advocacy Panel.

What are the benefits of getting help with my back taxes?

There are a number of benefits to getting back taxes help near me with your back taxes. First, it can help you avoid any penalties or interest charges that the CRA may assess. Second, it can help you work out a payment plan that is realistic for your situation. Finally, it can reduce the overall amount of taxes you owe.

Getting back taxes help near me is a smart move, no matter what your situation may be. So don’t delay – seek help today!