Small business services

Tax returns

  • Late tax filing: our team has an extensive experience in preparing and filing your taxes and reducing the penalties or even waving them completely.
  • Tax planning: we will help you accurately and efficiently estimate your tax liability and avoid penalties and financial hardship.
  • Tax plan: we can set up a tax payment plan to manage your cash position.
  • Tax relief: if applicable, we will help you apply for taxpayer relief to reduce or waive incurred interests and penalties, get refunds, adjustments and reduced payment plans based on circumstance.
  • HST filing: we will file your HST.


As a small business, it is costly to have your own payroll software or Payroll specialist, we can take care of your payroll at a very affordable price. At tax eagles, we provide payroll services to run efficiently your payroll: we will record the wages, bonuses, and taxes accurately, help you with all the related paperwork, and will deliver customized reports.

Tax audit

We help you get ready for a tax audit, and when it comes, we take care of the process and we defend your interests.

We assist you in preparing the evidence requested by the CRA to clear the audit and to save you from having to pay taxes, we reduce your penalties if there are any and we prevent you from being penalized further due to not filing the right paperwork.


We will handle your accounting and company financials while you focus on your business and daily operations.

We have a range of customized accounting packages that meet all your needs; we offer several options:

  • Monthly / Quarterly /yearly bookkeeping.
  • Monthly / Quarterly /yearly reconciliations.
  • Monthly / Quarterly /yearly financial statements.

 Asset review.


We assist you in all your advisory needs, including:

  • Key performance indicators and board reporting to monitor your business health.
  • Business plan and budgeting services.
  • Forecasting to help you understand your profitability and cash position at all times.
  • Profitability analysis of your business to ensure that you are meeting your full business potential.

Anything that you need to make your business operate more smoothly.

Taxes are Complex and Ever-Changing

Taxes are complex and ever-changing, so it’s essential to have a reliable tax advisory service on your side. At Tax Eagles, we have a team of experienced tax professionals who can help you navigate the ever-changing tax landscape. We offer a wide range of tax advisory services, including tax planning, compliance, and litigation. We also provide various tax-related consulting services, such as estate planning and business succession planning.

There are many types of tax advisory services available to businesses and individuals. Tax Eagles can help with audits, ensure that taxes are done right, and plan tax. We can help you figure out how your business activities affect your taxes and help you pay as little tax as possible. We can also help you settle disagreements with the CRA about your taxes.

Our audit services can help you ensure that you comply with all tax laws and regulations. We can help you identify areas where you may be at risk of non-compliance and help you develop strategies to mitigate those risks. We can also help you prepare for and respond to CRA audits.

Our compliance services can help you meet all of your tax filing and payment obligations. We assist you in understanding the requirements for filing different types of tax returns and help you prepare and file your returns in a timely and accurate manner. For future compliance, we can also assist you build up systems and procedures.

Our tax planning services can help you minimize your tax liability and maximize your tax benefits. We can help you structure your affairs tax-efficiently and help you take advantage of tax incentives and deductions. We can also help you plan for significant life events, such as retirement, buying a home, or selling a business.

If you face a tax dispute with the CRA, we can help you navigate the process and assert your rights. We can help you understand the appeals process and assist you in gathering the evidence and information you need to support your case. We can also represent you at hearings before the Tax Court of Canada.

At Tax Eagles, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality tax advisory services. We are knowledgeable and experienced, and we will work diligently to ensure that you receive the best possible outcome. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your tax needs.

We are a leading tax and accounting company in Ontario, Canada. We offer a wide range of tax and accounting services to individuals, businesses, and organizations.

Our team of experienced professionals can provide you with expert advice on various tax and accounting matters. We can help you with your taxes, business taxes, estate taxes, etc. Our accounting and bookkeeping services are also available to you.

We pride ourselves on providing quality services at competitive rates. We are committed to providing our clients with the best possible service.

Contact Tax Eagles today if you are looking for quality tax and accounting advice.